We provide professional surveying and consulting services to a wide range of clients in numerous industries around the world.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Complete or partial claim management.
  • Damage Surveys.
  • Non-delivery, short shipped cargoes.
  • Theft and pilferage investigations.
  • Coordinate salvage of damaged cargoes.
  • Project cargo surveys.
  • Warranty Surveys.
  • Total and large losses investigations.
  • Catastrophe assistance.
  • Expert witness.
  • Hold conditions surveys.
  • Pre-loading and out-turn surveys.
  • Vessel conditions surveys.
  • On-hire/off-hire.
  • Hull & machinery.
  • Cargo securing supervision.
  • Cargo contamination surveys.
  • Containerized and refrigerated cargoes.
  • General cargo, steel, grain, ore, etc.
  • Project, heavy and oversized cargoes.